Luck Power Rankings

Qualifiers: Must suck, Must need a franchise QB, Must have Luck!

1- Cleveland 0-1
The Browns are improved, but also seem to find ways to lose. The AFC North is no cakewalk either.

2- Seattle 0-1
Against San Fran the defense was good, the offense was bad, and special teams was ugly. Still think a couple home wins are likely, especially against weak division foes.

3- Cincinnati 1-0
Will the Bengals have a top 10 pick? Will the sun rise tomorrow? The answer is yes to both.

4- Kansas City 0-1
Did not expect KC to be bad following a 10-6 season, but a tough schedule + injuries + regression is a bad combination

5- Denver 0-1
Te-bow! Te-bow! Te-bow! That sums it up.

6- Buffalo 1-0
A week 1 win was unexpected, the blowout fashion was shocking. Still seem destined for a top 5 pick as usual.

7- Indianapolis 0-1
As long as Manning is out, Indy is on this list. Could they pull a San Antonio Spurs and go from Manning to Luck, ala Robinson to Duncan?

8- San Francisco 1-0
Beating the Hawks does not help their case, 1-2 more wins should eliminate the 9ers and Harbaugh’s dream of coaching his college bf

9- Miami 0-1
If the strength of the Dolphins is their defense, Miami could be in real trouble after giving up 600 yards to the Pats. The Henne led offense played better than expected, but AFC East is brutal.

10- Minnesota 0-1
39 pass yards for McNabb. Things could get ugly quickly, Ponder may be called upon sooner than later.



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