NBA Preview news and my brief thoughts on the CP3 trade that wasn’t, or was, or could be…

Those crickets you hear? Yup, there coming from this blog. So I’ll turn the key a bit to get the engine running again. The resident NBA writer (myself) will attempt to preview the upcoming 66 game NBA season. I know you are all excited about this. I was really pumped to write my Kobe + CP3 = Must See TV post, but a certain troll living in NYC who helped facilitate the robbery of my NBA team nixed the deal for “basketball reasons”. Uh huh, whatever you say Chairman. The rejection of a totally fair, and I would argue, slightly lopsided trade in favor of New Orleans (and Houston…), is unprecedented, and will mark the end of the Stern era as NBA commish. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s incredible. I run a number of fantasy sports leagues and I would never imagine flat out stopping and reversing any trade unilaterally at the request of the lousy owners of the league, and I am only talking about fake teams. This is real life, in a real life pro sports league. I’m still in shock at what occurred. The Sports Guy breaks the fiasco down nicely. Season preview forthcoming. Cheers.



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2 responses to “NBA Preview news and my brief thoughts on the CP3 trade that wasn’t, or was, or could be…

  1. dpscansen

    Joe, Are you waiting to do the season preview until a month into the season? That’s not a bad idea, I mean, your predictions should benefit from that.

  2. Joe Loughery

    When I saw Chris Wilcox was going to be a key part of the Celtics rotation, I decided there is no way I could preview anything. Maybe some week min reviews or something. Way too many NBDL caliber players playing key roles on teams. It’s an interesting year though I’m enjoying it so far.

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