UW vs. Stanford Predictions

Andrew wrote a nice little preview about the game earlier, so I won’t go too far into it here. This game is a chance to show progress, or show that not that much has changed. No one is really expecting a win, but given the matchup and injury issues, even a close game would be a welcome sight.

Regardless of how the game goes, it’s the Blackout of the Century, so we’ve got that going for us. Those don’t happen very often. Maybe they’ll play without power.


I want to predict a Husky win here, but they’ve given no good reason to do so. I do think they’re better than last year, and Stanford is worse, but I don’t think the gap has narrowed enough for a Husky victory. The best hope is for some big plays and turnovers. Maybe Josh Nunes will get rattled and an already weak Stanford passing attack will become non-existent. Of course, the Dawgs would still have to stop the run. They have a shot here. It would be a tough win, but it’s possible. I’m just non expecting it.

Stanford 35 – UW 24


I have been so completely engulfed in the “Golden-gate” fiasco, I haven’t paid much attention to the fact UW essentially has no offensive line and will be running with freshman running backs against the number one rushing defense in the country. So safe to say the Dawgs won’t get a running game going. Other than that negative, I actually feel good about the game. Granted Stanford is a bad match up for UW, but Stanford hasn’t blown anyone of note out this year. A seven point win over USC is nice, but how good is USC really, at this point we don’t know. So my point is this is Stanford’s first road test, so we don’t know what they’ll do. I think a blow out is very possible, but I don’t anticipate one. The Huskies will play well, I am certain of this. Stanford will too. They are coached well, always prepared. Therefore, if both teams play well, it will be close, and the home crowd will make it closer, but the visitors will win. Stanford will be too much.

Cardinal 24 – Huskies 16


Just before kickoff here at the clink, loving the energy but I can’t see home field making up for the difference between the big boys in the trenches.

Cardinal 27 – Huskies 20


I’ve tried to talk myself into this game all week. I tell myself that the Stanford offense isn’t anything like last year and the Husky defense is vastly improved. I tell myself that their offensive line isn’t quite as strong as last year. I tell myself that their defensive line probably isn’t as good as LSU’s, so the offensive line is at least a little bit battle tested. I tell myself that we have Keith Price and he’s ready for a signature game. But what prevails in my head is the disappointment of our ranked team going down to Palo Alto and getting beat 65-21 last year. I remember 41-0 the year before. Stanford has beaten the Dawgs like nobody else the last 2 years and I don’t think this team will overcome all of that tomorrow. The score will be better than last year but I anticipate this game being over at the start of the 4th quarter. I hope I’m wrong.
Stanford -35 UW – 17
Go Dawgs!

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