UW vs. USC Predictions

I’m already late putting this up, so I’ll just dive into the picks.  If you want a little more of an introduction, read Andrew’s post below.  Here we go!


In the Sark era, the Huskies have typically been extremely motivated to play the Trojans. UW has won 2 of the past 3 meetings, but it is hard to know which Washington team will show up tomorrow. Against top tier competition like LSU and Oregon, UW has not put up a fight. This is a trend that has developed over the past few years, with few exceptions. USC may or may not be in the same top tier category, but there is no denying the talent on their roster is second to none. CenturyLink Field is not the same home field advantage that Husky Stadium offers, and when it comes down to it, I see the Trojans making enough explosive plays and rattling Keith all day long. The Huskies will put up a fight, but fall short tomorrow.

USC-30, Washington-20


For some reason I feel good about this game. Maybe it’s just my optimistic side coming out, maybe it’s pure psychology after getting waxed by Oregon, or maybe it’s the fact that USC simply doesn’t have a stellar track record playing on the road in Seattle. Whatever the treason, I see the Huskies bouncing back this week and playing well.  USC obviously presents problems offensively. Lee and Woods paired with Barkley and Redd is potent. USC will score in this game. How much is the key. With the Dawgs offense struggling to find an identity, even a mediocre offensive performance by the Trojans will likely net them a win.  I hope to see Sark commit to the run early and often. Bishop Sankey has played well enough to earn the trust of the coaches and see more touches. I’m not high on USC’s defense, so I expect UW to move the ball. Unfortunately red zone offense has been poor and Keith Price simply hasn’t played like the Price we saw last year, mostly due to lousy pass protect.  In the end, even though my heart and a big part of my head says UW pulls the upset, I’ll go with Vegas on this one.

USC 33 – UW 20


The Huskies will have to fight an uphill battle tomorrow against a team that is more talented than they are.  Yeah, what else is new?  When looking at the Husky schedule before the season we all hoped that the Huskies would be 3-3 after these first 6 games.  Sure, 4-2 would be great but it just wasn’t very reasonable.  Now, it doesn’t seem all that far away.  The Huskies play at home tomorrow where they have won 10 of their last 11 games.  The Trojan defense is giving up 26 points per game on the road and haven’t played any dynamic offenses yet.  The Huskies haven’t put together a complete game yet, no, not even against Stanford.  I see this game either going to the Huskies in a close win or the Trojans in a 2 or 3 score game.  As I’ve given you stats and information that suggests that the Dawgs might have a chance tomorrow, all I can think about Robert Woods and Marqise Lee.  We only have one really good corner and that’s the biggest reason I’m picking USC.  I hope I’m wrong.

USC 35 – UW 20


Andrew’s written before about how terrible I am at making predictions.  In the heat of the moment during a game, as soon as I make a pronouncement about how the game’s going to go, the opposite happens.  So I’m always a little hesitant to pick my team, knowing my unique jinxing powers.  I’m also leading our Pac-12 predictions though, so I think this power only exists during games.  Anyway, I’m picking the Huskies to win today.  I’m by no means positive they will, but I think they have a great shot.  They’re slowly working on their issues.  The offensive line has improved and was fine against Oregon, not a strength but at least serviceable. The running game and defense are far ahead of where they were last season and early this year, respectively.  I’m betting today is the day the Keith Price and the Husky passing game explodes.  The Dawgs will have to cut out the mistakes they made at Oregon, but they do much better at that in Seattle and when the opponent isn’t Oregon.  I don’t think anyone feels that this is a game the Huskies have no chance of winning.  I think the Huskies play their best game of the year and pull out the upset.

UW 27 – USC 21


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