UW vs. Colorado Predictions

I don’t have any Colorado jokes, so let’s pay brief homage to one of the most delectable dishes on the face of the earth, Chile Colorado.  At its best, bite-sized hunks of beef cook in a slightly spicy tomato sauce until fork tender.  Sometimes I eat the hunks by themselves, maybe with a little rice.  Usually I wrap them in tortillas with said rice and dip in the sauce.  Perfection in a mini burrito.  Yum!

I doubt our opponents in Boulder had anything to do with Chile Colorado’s origins, since it’s considered a Mexican dish.  Still, the Buffaloes can take comfort in knowing something great bears their name, because their football team is closer to Puerto Vallarta than it is to greatness.


For whatever reason, I’m worried about this game, which stems from my lack of confidence in the Huskies on the road. Their win at Cal helps, since Colorado is a weaker, less talented version of the Golden Bears. Colorado is essentially a Big Sky team. The Huskies should have no problems, even with the strange 11 am local time start. Run the ball with Sankey, play action to ASJ and Kasen. Sounds familiar? Yeah, been saying this for weeks, and Sark has been doing it. I think UW gets it done, despite my road worries.

UW 35 – CU 13


I share some of Joe’s concerns about the Huskies road woes, but Colorado is really bad.  They play hard, so it might stay close for a quarter, but the difference in talent should take over shortly after that.  The only reason to think the Huskies will lose this game is because it’s on the road and because we’ve come to expect the worst as Husky fans.  Luckily, the school should have already gotten some of its customary terribleness out of its system after the basketball team’s loss to Albany on Tuesday.  That was horrible.  The football team would likely have to play worse than the basketball team did to lose to the Buffs.  Hopefully this will be a chance to coast to an easy win, rest a few guys, and get a pass rush going.  Dawgs win big.

UW49 – CU 10


I have nothing negative to say about buffaloes.  What a beautiful creature.

The Huskies should beat Colorado easily.  If they don’t, it may be something of a disappointment (even if they win).  This game doesn’t have much intrigue.  In his weekly Husky prediction, Bob Condotta didn’t break down the game, he just talked about an interview.  The ESPN guys each wrote one sentence about this game.  Those are three guys that I like to read the most and they gave next to zero insight to this game.  And that was fine, because there’s next to zero insight needed.  The Huskies are much better than the buffaloes and the final score should reflect that.  The Dawgs should roll, after coming out flat (because no one expects much of a game) and win by over 20 points.  Sankey should run for 200 yards, Keith should be extremely efficient and Derrick Brown should get a 4th quarter of playing time.  Matthew said whoever picks the highest score for the Huskies gets bonus points.  I don’t know what this means exactly but I know that I shouldn’t pass up bonus points.  So, with that in mind…

UW 63 – Colorado 17 (Bonus points all around!)


I don’t know how exactly to break down tomorrow’s game other than to say Colorado is horrible and despite difficulties on the road, UW will win. The win will get Washington to 7-4, setting up an Apple Cup showdown and  a chance to get to 8 wins for just the 5th time in the past 20 seasons. Am I being overconfident? Probably, but seriously, CU is really, really, really bad.

Huskies 38 – Buffaloes 20


Bonus points to Andrew!  Good job Little Guy!


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