The Good Guys 2014 Baseball Predictions

Happy Opening Day!  The Good Guys got together and tried to predict the future (actually we just sent a few emails and tried to predict baseball).  So, as you enjoy baseball throughout the day and King Felix tonight, jot down some of your predictions in the comments.  Or just make fun of ours.  Whichever works.  Here are some predictions for the 2014 season for baseball, in general, and the Mariners.

AL West Champion:
Andrew, Dan:  Oakland
Matthew, Joe:  Texas

AL Central Champion:
The Good Guys:  Detroit

AL East Champion:
Dan, Joe, Matthew:  Boston
Andrew:  Tampa Bay

NL West Champion:
The Good Guys:  LA

NL Central Champion:
The Good Guys:  St. Louis

NL East Champion:
Andrew, Dan:  Washington
Joe, Matthew:  Atlanta

World Series:
Andrew:  Detroit over St. Louis
Dan:  Boston over Washington
Joe:  LA over Texas
Matthew:  Detroit over LA

Andrew, Dan, Matthew:  Mike Trout
Joe:  Robinson Cano

Andrew:  Andrew McCutchen
Dan:  Freddie Freeman
Joe:  Yadier Molina
Matthew:  Paul Goldschmitd

AL Cy Young:
Joe, Matthew:  King Felix
Andrew:  Justin Verlander
Dan:  Yu Darvish

NL Cy Young:
Andrew:  Clayton Kershaw
Dan:  Stephen Strasburg
Joe:  Jose Fernandez
Matthew:  Adam Wainwright

AL West final standings:
Andrew:  1.  Oakland (91-71)  2.  Texas (89-73)  3.  LAA (85-77)  3.  Seattle (85-77)  5.  Houston (bad)
Dan:  1.  Oakland (92-70)  2.  LAA (89-73)  3.  Texas (88-74)  4.  Seattle (82-80)  5.  Houston (60-102)
Joe:  1.  Texas  2.  Seattle  3.  Oakland  4.  LAA  5.  Houston
Matthew:  1.  Texas  2.  Oakland  3.  Seattle  4.  LAA  5.  Houston

Mariners Cy Young:
The Good Guys:  King Felix

Mariners MVP:
The Good Guys:  Robinson Cano

Mariners MVP (other than Felix, Cano and Kuma):
Andrew:  Kyle Seager
Dan:  Dustin Ackley
Joe:  Brad Miller
Matthew:  Brad ‘The Bomb Squad’ Miller

Biggest Mariners Surprise:
Andrew:  I think it will surprise people how much a legitimate all-star in the middle of your lineup will help a team.  Since that’s a cheap one, I’ll also say that I think James Paxton makes a run at Rookie of the Year.
Dan:  Dustin Ackley
Joe:  Justin Smoak
Matthew:  Ackley bats .300 & Jesus Montero meaningfully contributes

Mariner Player that you’ll want to punch in the face by April:
Andrew,  Dan:  Willie F. Bloomquist
Joe, Matthew:  Joe Beimel

Mariners leader in Batting Average (guess the average):
Andrew:  Cano (.312)
Dan:  Cano (.305)
Joe:  Cano  (.327)
Matthew:  Cano (.318)

Mariners Home Run Leader (guess HR):
Andrew:  Cano (27)
Dan:  Smoak  (26)
Joe:  Cano (31)
Matthew:  Cano (34)

Mariners RBI Leader (guess RBI’s)
Andrew:  Cano (104)
Dan:  Cano (95)
Joe:  Cano (107)
Matthew:  Cano (109)

Mariners ERA Leader (guess ERA)
Andrew:  Danny Farquhar (1.89)
Dan:  Danny Farquhar (2.15)
Joe:  King Felix (2.20)
Matthew:  King Felix (2.34)

Mariners WAR Leader (guess WAR)
Andrew:  Robinson Cano (6.7)
Dan:  Robinson Cano (6.5)
Joe:  Robinson Cano (6.4)
Matthew:  Robinson Cano (7.8!!!!!)


I hope you all get a few moments to soak in some baseball tonight.  Two things before I go:
1.  We miss you, Dave.
2.  Happy Felix Day

dave in kings court

–  Andrew



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3 responses to “The Good Guys 2014 Baseball Predictions

  1. Matthew

    These are some good predictions. I think we all nailed them.

    • If Robinson Cano has the season you think he’s going to, we’re in for a fun year of watching him at least. Seems like we can all agree that Joe Beimel and Wille are going to annoy us.

  2. Tyler

    Because why not!
    AL West Champion: Texas
    AL Central Champion: Detroit
    AL East Champion: Tampa Bay
    NL West Champion: LA
    NL Central Champion: St. Louis
    NL East Champion: Washington
    World Series: Tampa Bay over LA Dodgers
    AL MVP: Prince Fielder
    NL MVP: Bryce Harper
    AL Cy Young: King Felix!
    NL Cy Young: Steven Strasburg
    AL West Standings: 1. Texas 2. Oakland 3. Seattle 4. Angels 5. Houston
    Mariners Cy Young: King Felix!
    Mariners MVP: Robinson Cano
    Mariners MVP (other than Felix, Cano, Kuma): Brad Miller
    Biggest Mariners Surprise: James Paxton takes AL ROY
    Mariner Player you’ll want to punch in the face by April: Joe Beimel
    Mariner leader in Batting Average: Cano (.318)
    Mariner home run leader: Cano (28)
    Mariner RBI leader: Cano (102)
    Mariner ERA leader: Danny Farquhar (1.89)
    Mariner WAR leader: Cano (6.6)

    That’s it!

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