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Not the Greatest Team Ever, But Still Great

In early November I was sitting in Hec Ed. with my brother, watching the Huskies warm up for their exhibition game against Central Washington.  Matthew said to me that he thought Quincy could have a Brandon Roy like senior year, I didn’t think so.  Dreams and expectations were floating around the building.  Could this team make a final-four run?  How many games would they win the pac-10 by?   They went on to win by about 30 that night.  We got to see Clarence Trent’s athleticism, Tyrese Breshers look like Jon Brockman, and Abdul Gaddy make some unbelievable no look passes.  Walking out of the building that night the expectations set on the Huskies seemed realistic. 

With sports come disappointment.  Some people would qualify the Huskies as disappointing.  The expectations started going down the toilet with a couple missed Elston Turner free throws in Lubbock, Texas.  Texas Tech and the Huskies were both undefeated and the Huskies were playing their first road game.  They were better than Tech but they forgot to play defense that night and lost a thriller in overtime.

Then came a game in Anaheim against a good Georgetown team.  It was a chance for the Dawgs to get a quality win.  In the first half a win looked possible then came a terrible 5 minute stretch in the second half.  The type of stretch that we’ve become to familiar with this season; we can’t make a basket to save our lives and the other team can’t miss.  The Huskies fought hard to come back from a 20 point deficit but lost. 

The Huskies played their way through the rest of the non-conference season, looking very good at times but looking completely average more often.  They picked up a solid win against Texas A&M but that game was overshadowed by the worst injury I’ve ever seen in person.  Heading into pac-10 play no one knew what to expect from the Dawgs, they hadn’t beaten anyone of  note but they hadn’t looked awful.   Continue reading


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