Huskies vs. Cougars Prediction

I thought this would be a worth a try, we’re going to have a little prediction thread for the game tonight.  If this works we can do it before more games.  So, leave your prediction of the game tonight below in the comments section.

My prediction?  Sadly, my prediction is WSU 72-68.  I feel awful for predicting this but for some reason I just don’t see the dawgs winning this game.  Maybe because it’s another road game, maybe it’s because I lost some hope after the USC loss but this may be a nail biter.  I see Klay finally going off and scoring in the 20’s and Casto shutting down MBA’s improved post play.  Quincy will show up, like he always does but I don’t think it’s enough to beat the Cougs’ in their home finale.  I hope I’m wrong!

Post your predictions below! Go Dawgs!




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3 responses to “Huskies vs. Cougars Prediction

  1. Matthew

    I think you’re wrong! Huskies 82-70.

  2. Joe Loughery

    I will NEVER pick the Cougs to beat the Dawgs. Huskies win 89-86!

  3. Joe Loughery

    Well, Klay Thompson still sucks, MBA was a beast, and the UW wins. I am glad you were a resounding 0-3 on your predictions. WOOF!!!

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