Colorado Joins Pac-10; More To Come?

A ton of news coming out of the college football world today.  One of the Good Guy’s will take a look at USC’s mess at some point but for now I’ll leave you a link to Bob Condotta’s blog.  Condotta does incredible work.  He is working at an incredible rate today and posting news right when it comes out.  We are lucky to have him cover the Huskies.  Okay, on to the expansion news.

Colorado joined the Pac-10 this morning (so is it the Pac-11 until further notice?).  Needless to say, this is the only move that is going to happen.  Nebraska moved to the Big-10 as of yesterday and, for a reason I don’t completely understand, this means that the whole Big-12 is pretty much over.  Now, there’s still a little bit of debate about who will follow Colorado to the Pac-10.

Most of the experts think the Pac-10 will expand to 16 teams.  Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State would follow Colorado.  The reason that Colorado jumped ship a little bit early is so Baylor wouldn’t steal their spot in the Pac-10.  As I’ve said before, this “Pac-16” would make our conference the best overall in the nation.  But this isn’t set in stone.

Today there have been a few reports of Oklahoma possibly joining the SEC and the Texas schools joining the Big-10.  Texas joining the Big-10 makes no sense geographically but it’s an interesting thought.  Oklahoma to the SEC does make a little more sense than the Texas rumor but I’ve seen more experts than not say that the SEC is not looking to expand at this time.  If these schools don’t join the Pac then look for Utah to join Colorado as the schools that join.

The next school expected to announce is Oklahoma State and if they do come to the Pac then I really think everyone else will follow.  We should know everything by tomorrow.  There’s never been this much college football news in June.

I would insert a Jeremiah Masoli joke here but I can’t decide if that’s in bad taste on a public blog.  He really screwed things up for himself.  If he didn’t go to Oregon and wasn’t an idiot I might feel sorry for him.  Maybe.



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